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Who said that powerpoint couldn't do a job like what I did on this movie play. Just try watching the mini clip and be amazed on this MS application. lol
I tried powerpoint, it's because my lack of experience in other video editing. I'm not into video editing, but seeing your artwork moving it feels good like they are alive.
Hope you enjoy this one.

Here's the link…

Thanks to my mentors who taught me a lot about powerpoint, and for all the tips and techniques they had shared.
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I could not upload the video here because I do not have premium membership. lol
Who says the weak power point? lol
Here is my masterpiece in Power Point the play of "the promise"
I got this knowledge to work to where I am today.
hope you liked it.
comments are welcome. .

check out here…

you can Download the .Avi file here…

tried to make a motion. : D
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